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Top Reasons to Try Prairie State Veterinary Clinic

10. PSVC plays great and diverse music.

9. They will be glad to make you a cup of the world's best coffee: Lighthouse Blend from Door County Coffee in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

8. They love their clients (and their pets!).

7. They know how to help people decide what is the best treatment course for both them and their pet and can handle about 95-99% of the cases that come through their doors.

6. Prairie State Veterinary Clinic has been in business over thirty years and has grown in each of those years.

5. Prairie State has excellent relationships with many specialists in the Chicago area. They have an internist on staff also. The veterinarians at PSVC work in a collaborative  manner, utilize VIN and will pursue making a diagnosis as far as possible.

4. PSVC staff enjoys developing long-term relationships with their clients. Many become like family members. They are now seeing the grandchildren of some of their earlier clients. The average client in American stays with a vet clinic for 3.5 years. PSVC has many clients going back to l986.

3. Their reputation and how they perceive the level of care they provide each day to their clients means more to them than how many dollars are deposited in the bank each day.

2. At this point PSVC has assembled the best staff they have ever had. The techs are super competent and they really care about your pet. They also care about you. 

1. They will always treat you and your pet as they would want to be treated if they were in your clinic. (Matthew 7:12). 

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